Tigers Pull Within 1 Game of First Place

Max Scherzer continued his outstanding second half and once again put the Tigers in a position to win a baseball game and they were able to hold on.

Some late inning pouring on proved to be the difference as Villareal and Benoit and Valverde all decided to give up runs in the 8th and 9th inning to make an 8-1 game 8-6 but who cares, they won.

There was a lot to question about what Jim Leyland was doing yet again, like why was Villareal out there in the 8th after pitching the 7th? and when it was still 8-1 with two on and one out, why did he summon Benoit from the bullpen instead of one of the extra arms that was out there, Luke Putkonen, Drew Smyly and Darrin Downs come to mind in “mop up duty” fashion.

But instead, Leyland acted like they were in a playoff race for the first time this month and called in the big guns for the second straight day instead of saving them for a possible close game on Thursday and they did what they do: give up runs, make fans scream, but hold on.

I don’t want to seem down after a win, a big win, but I feel that Jim Leyland took some “Todd Jones Guide to Managing” seminar recently to go from questionable to bat shit insane with his decisions.

It feels like he is trolling the fans and media, making decisions just to send them off the deep end, all while still being in a playoff race.

The Detroit Tigers are 1 game out of first place in the AL Central on September 13th and most of what people will talk about is what is going wrong, not how exciting things have been or how great going to the playoffs in back to back years would be.

I am just as much to blame, but it feels very much like a Todd Jones save here, making every fan scream and curse all the while, they will win.  Hell, I’m almost done with my “What the Tigers should do in the offseason” article because I’ve felt like looking at 2013 already DESPITE BEING 1 GAME OUT! (its amazing by the way, Dombrowski can take credit for the moves, but you heard it here first!)

It was getting to the point in the Todd Jones save where you cover your eyes, throw up a little bit in your mouth and start to leave but then you hear a roar, and despite letting in 2 runs and the bases loaded with no out, he pulled off a home to first double play to put them back in the driver seat, 1 out away and they have it.

Just need that win Thursday night with the Ace on the mound…I’m starting to feel a lot better about this…



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