Tigers lose to the White Sox 6-1, now 3 games back

Once again the Tigers make a struggling pitcher look a Cy Young contender.  Jose Quintana had looked terrible his last four starts but the Tigers couldn’t get anything going against him.  Hmmm.  Add three errors and we’re in for a fun night.

Cabrera and Fielder went a combined 1 for 8.  Cabrera hit into another double play.  Fielder grounded out in the 8th with two men on to end the inning.  When these guys struggle it’s easy to guess the outcome.

Andy Dirks didn’t start.  Ryan Raburn did, batting in the 2 spot because he has good career numbers against the White Sox.  I don’t get it.  Jim Leyland said before the game the Tigers need to play with a sense of urgency, like every game from here on out is their last, and then he bats Raburn second.

I know we here at MCST bitch everyday about Leyland’s shitty lineups, so I guess I won’t beat a dead horse.

Rick Porcello pitched like Rick Porcello, looking pretty good at times with sudden showers of mistakes, but still pitching well enough to keep the Tigers in the game.  Tonight the sixth was his bad inning,  giving up back-to-back homers to Alex Rios and A.J. Pierzynski.  An error by Omar Infante definitely didn’t help the cause.

Throw in two more errors (Raburn, Cabrera) and Dotel giving up a two-run bomb to Gordon Beckham and that’s the game.  Yes, I said Gordon Beckham.

So the Tigers are now three games back.  A win is very necessary tonight with Doug Fister on the mound against Jake Peavy.  I wonder where Raburn will be batting?

I’m growing cynical.



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  1. I’ve stopped complaining about Leyland’s line ups…on here and overall…my reasoning is simple, he needs to win the division or lose his job, let him do it his way, and if it doesn’t work then we can start complaining about Terry Francona pretty quickly next year

  2. at least if I see Francona out I can challenge him to push-up contests.

  3. You could beat both of them in a drinking contest

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