Know Thy Enemy: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are the oldest professional sports team located in California and like to claim a “rich” history.  Many would assume that this would be due to the 5 Super Bowls they won but it is also because they are building a new stadium for the low, low fee of just $1.2 Billion.

The fans are so insane that some are paying up to $60,000 just for the right to purchase tickets in the future…that doesn’t even get them the tickets, just the right to buy the tickets.  That’s a nice bit of disposable income to have laying around.

Then there is the former owner who spent time suspended from the operations of the team for his corruption while colluding with the former Governor of Louisiana in a Riverboat Casino scam.  After his return his sister and her husband took over the team who have since given up ownership rights to their 32 year old son.  A 32 year old owner…who’s team just scammed the public out of the money to build the new stadium.  Again, one…point…two…BILLION DOLLAR stadium.  Rich.

Then there is the on field product.  Many will think back fondly to Joe Montana, everyone’s hero…who now sells Sketcher’s Shape Ups?  The shoe that was supposed to make your ass look good by simply wearing them:

Now they are being sued for this atrocity.  Nice pick in product endorsements, Joe.

Let’s talk about another formerly loved Quarterback: Jim Harbaugh.  Mr. Michigan.  Now public Enemy #1 for trying to start a fight with Jim Schwartz, Detroit’s adopted hero for bringing the winning ways back to the Lions.

And even before this incident he caused a ruckus with his comments about UM, their President, the Coach and the UM standards and acted quite high and mighty during his time at Stanford, snubbing his alma matter every chance he could get.

San Francisco was also the franchise that found and fostered Terrell Owens, providing all football fans a decade and a half of his annoying hubris and smugness.  Now we have to put up with Michael Crabtree, a young receiver that has done nothing of note in the NFL yet has the ego of a player already a shoe in for the Hall of Fame.

With Alex Smith as the current starting Quarterback and his noodle arm that can’t throw downfield the 49ers are a joke.  Combine Smith and a strong defense and football fans are forced to deal with rumors that the 49ers are the team to beat in the NFC.  Great, we have to watch a team that plays such a boring, grind it out brand of football that makes the 2000/01 Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens that were “managed” by Trent Dilfer look like the Wayne Fontes coached Run and Shoot Lions teams of the early 90’s.

If we’re talking Tecmo Bowl, the 49ers, Ronnie Lott and the 3 passing plays to choose from is a nice choice…but other than that the 49ers should be kicked to the curb and Ndamekong Suh can go ahead and snap Michael Crabtree in half and dance on Jim Harbaugh’s grave.




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  1. If we’re talking Tecmo Bowl, what about the Giants and LT’s ability to block every field goal and extra point or the Bears with Walter Payton and Dave Duerson?

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