Weekend Recap: Lions, Spartans, Wolverines Go 3-0; Tigers go 0-3

The Lions kept yesterday’s game in doubt for far too long but came away with the W, which is all that matters.  The offense seemed to move the ball at will against the Rams but three key turnovers by Matthew Stafford is what kept the Rams in the game.

With out those three interceptions, the Lions would have had this game well in hand before half time.  However throwing two picks in the red zone after lengthy drives and another interception inside their own twenty that was returned for a TD accounted for a roughly 20 point swing on the scoreboard.

Ultimately the Lions and Stafford came away with a win which says a few things about both teams.  First, the Lions are a better team in the NFL, being able to overcome key turnovers and a 4th quarter deficit to win.  Also, the Rams proved they are not much of a team since, despite taking advantage of those turnovers, we’re still unable to hold a lead.

The Defense did a good job of keeping Steven Jackson under wraps which is possibly the biggest sign to take away from this game.  Last year the run defense was less than impressive and the stronger backs like Jackson we’re able to run at will on them.  It looks like the D Line and Linebackers are trying to change that this year though.

Kevin Smith looked strong in the game too, if he can stay healthy, that will be important to have the backfield option that he can bring and the young RB Joique Bell from Wayne State got his first NFL TD which was nice to see him rewarded for his hard work and determination.

In college football news, the Spartans went to Mt. Pleasant and destroyed the Central Michigan Chippewas.  Andrew Maxwell started a bit shaky again but under pressure form the CMU defense all day, looked good.  The receivers clearly have a ton of talent and can play 8 different guys, but they need someone to step up.

Bennie Fowler led the way with 9 catches but I’m not certain that any one of the receivers could have had the same numbers if given the chances he was given.  The old football adage says “If you have two starting QBs, you have none” and I think we can apply this here, if the Spartans have 8 starting WRs, they have none.

Look for a key game next Saturday with Notre Dame visiting under the lights at Spartan Stadium and look for the MSU defense to get it’s Denard Robinson warm up with Everette Golsom staying under center for ND.  He is not the most crisp passer but has some running ability so the practice will be good for the Defense.

Down in Ann Arbor the Wolverines kept the Air Force Falcons in the game for too long but, like the Lions, were able to hold off a weaker opponent and pull out the win.  This is why you shouldn’t schedule the academies, it is never beneficial.  Every one of them is disciplined and runs a gimmicky offense that is perfect for upsets and EVERYONE roots for them to do it.

Sure, Notre Dame usually kicks the crap out of the teams and they play them every year.  But most people remember that Navy has beat ND twice in 4 years and people root for it to happen.  No one ever roots against the armed forces.

So scheduling them in the first place is pretty dumb but it was a win and they moved up in the polls back to #17 with Wisconsin and Nebraska both dropping clear out of them…yikes, the B1G is looking pretty sad right now.

Oh, and the Tigers went to Anaheim and got swept.  Not much to say…still only 2 back in the division and have 4 games in Chicago starting tonight.  I think we’ll know a lot more about the race come Thursday evening but I’ll say this, it is do or die time for them starting today.




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