Weekend Round Up of Links

The Weekend is coming and the is football galore on because that is what fall is about, Jim Leyland not keeping the Tigers in first place and football!

So here are some links to keep you up to speed on all that is happening in the world of Detroit Sports:
Here is some fluff from the Freep about Calvin Johnson getting 2000 receiving yards.

Not likely, since the single season mark right now was set in 1995 at 1,848 yards, so even breaking that would still leave him decently short of becoming CJ2K the second.

A little more relevent to the season news, Houston and Delmas still haven’t practiced.

Weakest part of the team is also the most banged up…I should probably start Sam Bradford in fantasy, shouldn’t I?

From the other side of things, KC Star previews the week 1 game.

Even they think the Lions are going to destroy the Rams.

Back to the Freep for some MSU/CMU game info…but on money?

Well, it appears that MSU isn’t going to make the trip up 127 for free tomorrow.

BREAKING MSU NEWS: Le’Veon Bell and Draymon Green are the same person.

KJ at TheOnlyColors has this investigative report.

CBS Sports with the UM/Air Force preview; they say UM wins.

But that Air Force will cover…*calls bookie*

Air Force has always “aired” it out on offense, here is a look at the new D…which still probably won’t stop Denard.

Pretty sure that Denard has a bounce back game and is puts himself back in line for the September Heisman.

More from enemies: HaloHeaven previews the Tigers/Angels Series.

Tigers need wins and Miggy can distance himself from Trout in the MVP race.

Tigers attendance tops 3MM for the season.

How many of these people yell at lazy fly balls like they are home runs?

On the NHL Lockout news, Bettman, Daly and Fehr won’t take salary during the lockout.

How about instead of this you just get a deal done so I can watch some g/d hockey already?

And there you have it, be informed and enjoy the first full football weekend of the year.  If you have an interesting article, drop the link in the comments.



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