Last Night’s Action: Tigers End Losing Streak Behind Fister and Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera is the MVP of the AL this year.  That is becoming indisputable fact the way the rest of this team is barely showing up half the games.  Cabrera was the only offense on Tuesday night and until the 8th inning on Wednesday, he again, was the only offense, and even when others contributed, he was right in the middle of it.

Doug Fister had a rebound performance on the mound.  One he and the Tigers both needed and one to once again make me believe that a rotation that includes Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and Fister is a rotation that can win playoff series or two…OR THREE!!!!

There is no question, that despite the relation to first place, this team is incredibly unpredictable.  They are inconsistent at the plate and the bull pen.  However, one, mostly consistent aspect of this team is starting pitching.  AND PITCHING WINS IN THE PLAYOFFS.

They just need to make it there.  With four games coming up in Chicago early next week, the Tigers have a chance to take control of first and finally, for the first time this season take control of the division.

A stretch of games on the road may not be with the road weary Tigers need.  An 8-13 record on the road in the second half isn’t impressive and with ten in a row coming up, they need to perform better and if they don’t this stretch will provide a lot of insight in the AL Central race.  A poor road trip could end it and leave them looking up the rest of the year.

On the Jim Leyland/Delmon Young front, I’m sure most people saw the comments about how Young may or may not have asked out of the line up on Tuesday night and many more questioned the line up Leyland used on Tuesday.

I am one that normally complains about Leyland and his questionable line ups and did on Tuesday as well, however I do not feel I should anymore.  Jim Leyland has been making poor and questionable decisions for years now and it isn’t going to change in the 6th month of his 7th year as Tigers manager.

The game has passed him by and he has made the playoffs twice in 6 years and is in danger of making it just twice in 7 years.  With the payroll that he is given, those numbers speak for themselves, at this point, he puts out who he feels like and its live or die with those players and if they don’t make the World Series, it is most likely his job too.

So no more complaining about it this year, its his time to manage the Tigers to the World Series or it is no more Jim Leyland in Detroit.  I can deal with that, I’m fine dealing with his managerial skills for 3 more years if it means a World Series title this year.  And I hope that is the outcome, I just figure it probably isn’t.



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