Last Night’s Action: Long Weekend Recap Edition; Tigers Wins (and loss), MSU Win, UM *cough*, Lions Roster

What a weekend, folks.  Lots of action to recap and lots to get to this week so I won’t spend to much time gloating on any one particular subject or dwelling on other, not so great moments.

In the interest of being brief, I’ll do this chronologically:

Friday August 31st:  The Tigers go out and beat the White Sox in seriously ugly fashion.  They did EVERYTHING possible to lose that game but the Sox just didn’t want to win that night.

The Tigers were able to pull it out and move with in 2 games of first place and I think this short exchange between myself and a friend that is a diehard White Sox fan sums up this game:

Me: Wow, the Sox didn’t want to win, eh? They really should have with all the extra outs the Tigers gave them.

BeardedMisfit: Go F$ck yourself.

Also on Friday in heart attack giving fashion, the Michigan State Spartans we’re able to win their 15th straight game at home by defeating the #24 ranked and notorious giant killers, Boise State.

This one was only pretty in the box score and final score, when people realized that maybe Andrew Maxwell didn’t play quite as badly as they believed, Le’Veon Bell was actually BETTER than they thought and so was the might defense.

Two of the three interceptions by Maxwell were not his fault and he didn’t appear to have any receivers that felt like getting open for him too.  Also, despite fantastic run blocking, Maxwell seemed to be under constant pressure, giving him almost no time to throw.  Look for a VERY good performance out of him, the OLine and the Wide outs on Satruday at Central Michigan…seriously, they are playing AT CMU.

Finally on Friday the Lions set their roster at 53 men for the regular season, keeping Kellen Moore (quite a bit of a surprise) and most notably cutting Alphonso Smith and Everette Brown.  This isn’t that big of a deal, if the Lions are going to be depending on players like that this year then we’re all in for a LONG season.

The Lions also ended up cutting safety Ricardo Silva in order to sign former Broncos Cornerback Drayton Florence.  Florence expects to slot in as the nickel corner immediately and has the experience to play on the outside if needed in a pinch, like a Chris Houston injury that has kept him out of practice for the past week.

Also of note on the Lions from over the weekend (not necessarily Friday): They are $700K over the salary cap.  Not a big deal, restructure a contract to alleviate that a bit and they’ll be good.  This happens quite often, it actually happened to two other teams and 4 or 5 last year.

There are no repercussions as long as they get it straightened out by tonight, which they will.

Saturday September 1:  The Tigers followed Max Scherzer on to victory for the second straight night and pulled with in one game of first place as Delmon Young kept up his hot hitting ways.  No, I mean it, despite all the bad words most people (including myself) have said about Mr. Young, he has been carrying a good chunk of this offense for the past week and a half.

And Max Scherzer has been carrying the pitching staff the past 7 weeks, DOMINATING almost every time he goes out to the mound.  Look for him to slot in as the #2 starter in the playoffs behind Verlander with the way he’s been pitching and the questions about Doug Fister’s ribs and his short stints recently.

There was a Michigan football game on Saturday night.  It didn’t end well for them (well, I guess it didn’t start well for them either) and I won’t say much more about it other than the two suspended players, Touissant and Clark will be back against Air Force but starting Cornerback Black Countess is out for the year…move along, nothing to see here.

Sunday September 2nd, Verlander gave up a leadoff home run causing me to have a fit but then he shut down the Sox for 8 innings, like an Ace should and once again, Delmon Young provided the offense.

This tied them up with the Sox for first place in the AL Central and caused a panic in Chicago as they felt their season slipping away…good thing neither sides fan’s ever have knee jerk reactions to just a few games.

Then Monday happened and the Tigers returned to their Jekyll and Hyde routine and couldn’t get a hit in a clutch situation and again, Anibal Sanchez pitched well enough, but the bats didn’t show up like they should have.

The White Sox won on Monday to move back to a game in front of the Tigers but with a 4 game series in Chicago next week, that will have more impact on the division than any of the games being played right now.  That doesn’t mean the Tigers can lose them all, it just means win those 4 and that will definitely set the tone in the final two weeks.

NFL Football starts tomorrow night with the Giants hosting the Cowboys so set your fantasy line ups and get your picks in to your pick ’em league manager because the fun part of the year is about to start!!!

Lions host the Rams on Sunday at 1pm EST and look for a Rams preview later this week so you know who to hate while watching.




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  1. At the end of the day – it was a net positive weekend.

  2. swept by the Royals, sweep the White Sox, almost get swept by the Indians…fuck it, hire Todd Jones as the manager already and go full circle on giving your fans high blood pressure and heart attacks

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