Last Night’s Action: Tiger’s Bats Can’t Produce Once Again

Yawn, boring. At least the Tigers lost to a good team that is contending for a playoff spot. Wait….it was the Royals?!?!? They just got swept by the frickin Royals! And Jeremy Guthrie was pitching for the Royals too! The same Guthrie who is 5-12 with a 5.71 ERA? If it wasn’t for the White Sox series this weekend, I would not watch one pitch of any Tigers game. With State playing on Friday and Michigan on Saturday and Sunday funday, I would have no interest in watching this team over the weekend.

Leyland played his A-team line up with the exception of the Pepsi Delivery Man (Laird) in for Avila and they still couldn’t produce any offense. Maybe it doesn’t matter who Leyland throws out there. This team is confusing and I don’t know what to expect from them on a day-to-day basis. The Tigers actually out hit the Royals 12-9, but once again they had trouble scoring runs. They scored 1 run on a Peralta [editor’s note: Fat Gallas] RBI in the 8th inning. That is the first run the Tigers have scored since the 8th inning in the first game of the series. That is 17 innings against the Royals where the Tigers failed to cross homeplate. In this game the Tigers went 1-11 with RISP and left 11 on base. Incredible.

Porcello pitched how we expect Porcello to pitch. He left the game having pitch 5 innings, giving up 8 hits, 2 earned runs, 2 BB, 4 strikeouts. He went scoreless through 4 and looked good. He kept his sinker down, getting 10 groundouts. Porcello had a hiccup in the 5th and 6th inning, allowing the Royals to score 2. Downs came in to relieve Porcello and didn’t allow any more runs. Villareal came in for the 7th and 8th and didn’t allow any runs. Porcello kept the Tigers in the game, which is all you can ask of him at this point, but the Tigers provided him no run support.

The Tigers had their chances but couldn’t capitalize.

1st Inning: With 2 outs, Cabrera singles. Fielder follows with a single, sending Cabrera to third. Young gets the third out, leaving Cabrera stranded on third.

3rd Inning: Laird leads off with a single. Then with 2 outs Cabrera hits a single, sending Laird to second. Fielder commits the third out, stranding Laird at second.

6th Inning: Tigers threaten again. Fielder leads off with a double. Three straight outs to end the inning.

7th Inning: Infante starts the inning with a single. Laird pops out for the first out. Infante gets to second on a throwing error by the Royals catcher trying to pick off Infante at first. Jackson and Dirks two straight outs to end the 6th.

8th Inning: With 1 out, Fielder singles. Young then singles Fielder to third and is taken out for Berry. Baker pinch hits for Boesch and then strikes out on three pitches. Peralta hits a single and scores Fielder for the first RBI and Berry gets to second. Infante is then out to end the inning.

9th Inning: Last chance. Starts off good with Avila drawing a walk after pinch hitting for Laird. Jackson then flies out to center on a great diving catch. Dirks hits a single, sending Avila to second. And then on a very strange play, Cabrera grounds into a double play. The replay showed Cabrera trotting down to first. I know he has some bad ankles, but if he hustled a little bit, he could of beaten the throw and at least extended the inning.

The Royals only needed 2 runs for the victory. They got both runs off Porcello, 1 in the 5th and 1 in the 6th.

In the 5th, Porcello loads the bases with 0 out. He gets Giavotella to ground into a force out, but scored Moustakas for the first run of the game. Porcello gets out of the inning only allowing 1.

In the 6th, Porcello gave up a homer to Gordon.

The Tigers got some hits, they had their chances, but failed to capitalize. They crapped the bed…against the Royals. With the series coming up against the Sox, they better find out how to get some runs across the plate or come Sunday night, this team could be in trouble.

The Tigers do have their pitching rotation set for the White Sox series. Fister is pitching Friday, followed by Scherzer on Saturday, and Verlander on Sunday night. That rotation should at least take 2 games and win the series. Hopefully the bats will provide some run support.

Side Note: Why does Porcello go by Rick? His real first name is Frederick, so if he wants to go by a shortened nickname, shouldn’t it be Fred….Fred Porcello? That would be the same as Don Kelly (full name Donald) going by Ald Kelly. Food for thought.



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  1. ah, fat gallas. glad I missed the game.

  2. Fat Gallas, the pic from the other day is titled “Hispanic Joe” and in my Lions schedule preview there is a Larry Malony reference

  3. And anyone that sees these comments will have no idea what you’re talking about other than us three.

  4. But if we keep going with Rick Porcello, then we can start using Tin Verlander and Bal Sanchez. eh?

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