Last Night’s Action: Verlander Pitches Like Steve Sparks, Tigers Lose

The Tigers scored three runs in the top of the first against the lowly Kansas City Royals and should have been able to put it in cruise control and, with the White Sox losing to the Orioles, gain a game in the standings.

However, the young and talented Royals line up decided they didn’t care that Justin Verlander was on the mound and came back with three of their own in the bottom of the first and four more in the second.

The Tigers managed to keep scrapping and eventually tied the game up at 8, but after the Royals re-took the lead in the bottom of the 8th they couldn’t manage any more.

Delmon Young thought he hit his second home run of the game to give the Tigers a two run lead in the 9th but it was called foul (then reviewed and still foul) and at that point, I don’t think a single Tigers fan had any hope left and Young proved them right, lazily flying out to end the game.

Justin Verlander has been the horse of this pitching staff for a few years.  Throwing a massive amount of innings, almost single handily winning games (as much as a pitcher can in baseball) and doing everything possible to keep them in the playoff race this year.

However, last night was not one of those moments.  Not often do you blame a single player in baseball, people try, Bill Buckner, Steve Bartman, etc., but what people forget, is that in those moments that you remember where one person “cost” the team the game, there were countless other moments that could have been changed to still win for that team.  But last night’s loss can be put on Verlander.

His team came out and gave him the runs he had been lacking and he was facing a team he dominates and is out of the playoffs already.  Yet he couldn’t find his groove until after giving up 7 runs and costing the Tigers a game in the standings, when it is so important to win these types of games.

The Tigers are back at it in Kansas City tonight and need to win.  I suppose it was destined that they were going to lose last night as it seems they lose game 1 of every road trip but to see it go down how it did was certainly frustrating.



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  1. I thought it was funny that he looked upset with the calls from Avila in the 1st inning – for a second I even thought to myself “Stupid Avila – it must be his fault.”

    Then the 2nd inning happened, I yelled at the TV, and started playing NCAA 2013.

  2. Madden came out yesterday…its time for a string of 12 straight Super Bowls for the Lions

  3. Phil Coke sucks. You forgot that part.

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