Lions Rumors of Running Back Interest Are Not About Jones-Drew

With a simple tweet, Jason La Canfora probably initiated thousands of Maurice Jones-Drew to the Lions trades on Madden and many more hopes of it happening in real life:

Despite what insider La Canfora says about a Running Back, it is 99% likely NOT Jones-Drew.  Even though he is still holding out for a new contract and the Jaguars MAY be listening to offers, Jones-Drew is most likely not going anywhere and if he does, it won’t be Detroit.

The Lions are probably looking for a trade similar to the one that brought Alphonso Smith to them in 2010, trading the less talented Gronkowski brother for Smith from the Broncos, both players likely to be cut and just avoided having to fight for them via waivers.

The Lions will be willing to ship a 7th round pick or conditional 6th/5th rounder for a back with 2-3 years of NFL experience or even for a player that may be fighting for a roster spot at a position of depth and strength.

Reason behind the interest in a Running Back is the Mikael Leshoure suspension, Kevin Smith’s inability to not fracture his ankles every time he steps and Jahvid Best’s concussion getting worsened by the Lions trading for the man who hits him in this video (and made him throw up on the field right after the hit):

But, despite the questions marks at Running Back, Jones-Drew is owed a lot of money and wants more and the Lions simply don’t have the cap room for him.  Nor should they try to make the cap room for a back with over 600 carries the past three years who is approaching the dreaded late 20’s/early 30’s age for backs.  They almost all seem to break down at the same point like clock work and the only reason to trade for Jones-Drew is if he is the missing piece for a Super Bowl.

But, with that secondary, the Lions are more than a good RB away from winning a Super Bowl.

So, Martin Mayhew may be out looking for a Running Back, but it’s more likely something off the scrap heap and not a three time pro bowler.



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