Weekend Recap: Tigers Win Series; Lions Lose, Stafford, Smith Avoid Serious Injury

Over the weekend the Tigers were able to take two of three games from the California Angles despite a frustrating game to start the series on Friday night.

A missed double play opportunity allowed the Angels to score their only two runs on Friday night to hold off the Tigers 2-1.  However, after another slow start on Saturday the hitting finally came around late and was enough as Smyly pitched decently enough to keep the Angels with in striking distance.

The Tigers managed to win on Saturday 5-3 and 5-2 again on Sunday following another strong start from Max Scherzer.  In the ninth, in a non-save situation, once again, Jose Valverde made things a little more interesting than they should have been but they still got the win.

However, the theme to the entire weekend seemed to be injuries.  After leaving the game on Thursday with a sprained Ankle, Miguel Cabrera DH’ed on Friday and Saturday and had Sunday off, the first game this year he didn’t play.

Normally I do not agree with Leyland Logic and hate when he gives so many days off to players during the stretch run but I agree with him here.  The Tigers need Cabrera in the field and healthy and giving him 2 days off with the off day on Monday will hopefully refresh his ankle enough to get back into the field on Tuesday night.

Drew Smyly started on Saturday because Doug Fister was again having torso issues.  This time it was a strained lat or something, but its the third time this year he has had injuries to his mid section and was on the DL twice already this season for similar issues.

The Tigers need Fister to make all his starts the rest of the year but he is still questionable for Friday nights game against the White Sox.  Drew Smyly is still with the club to make that start if Fister cannot but Smyly may best serve the team in long relief capacity the rest of the year, not in the rotation.

To continue on the injuries front, during the Lions third preseason game on Saturday night, Matthew Stafford and Kevin Smith both left the game with injuries and did not return.

Stafford was hit while making a throw in the second quarter and hit the ground awkwardly as every Lions fan held their breath that he didn’t hurt that right shoulder again.  But he didn’t.  It was his left hand that started to swell on him.

After the game he claimed that if it wasn’t pre-season he would have gone back in and would have been fine that its not an issue.  Let’s hope the china doll syndrome is still behind him, because with out him, this team is not winning a Super Bowl ever.

Smith left the game with a twisted ankle.  Concerns over his ankle injuries last year after he came back late in the season and ran like a man possessed.  However, it appears it was more worry than anything as Smith won’t even miss practice time with the injury which is good since, the best alternative, Mikael Leshoure, is suspended for the first two games of the year for smoking all that weed.

Up and down weekend for Detroit teams all around but its getting to that exciting time of year, Tigers fighting for the playoffs and the Lions looking to start the season strong and the Red Wings reporting to training camp (probably not).  This for the most part are looking good.

Michigan State plays Boise State on Friday night to kick off the NCAA season and Michigan plays Alabama on Saturday at that giant monstrosity Jerry Jones built in Dallas.  Look for previews of both later this week on MCST.



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