From Ryan Suter, Shea Weber and Keith Yandle Rumors to…Carlo Colaiacovo?

According to On The Wings Blog, the Red Wings have offered veteran St. Louis Blues Defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo a 2 year $5.4MM deal and he is currently pondering it.

Colaiacovo is a veteran that has been playing regularaly for 5 years in the NHL with mostly solid yet unimpressive numbers (known mostly for this hilarious gif).  He is not much of a scoring defenseman, topping 30 points only twice but he did have a CorsiON on last year of 8.39 (meaning over 60 minutes his team had more than 8 more shots towards the opponents net than towards his while he was on the ice).

Once again, the CorsiON number is unimpressive but above average.  I would say the money, if true, is about where he belongs in terms of salary and since he was playing for Ken Hitchcock last year, protecting yourself against his numbers and play being part of a defensive system with only a two year deal is a good thing.

The Red Wings need defense, everyone knows that.  Colaiacovo is not Shea Weber or Ryan Suter, the targets the Wings could really use.  However, he is better than some of the young players they would have to use on their blue line and gives them some depth to protect against injuries.

Not a big, splashy deal, but one that will help the team this year (if he signs) get a little bit better.

I’ll update if more info becomes available.



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