Last Night’s Action: Double Plays and Bull Pen Make Series Opener Closer Than it Should Have Been

Scherzer pitched well for the Tigers right when they needed it most.

Something about strike out totals could go here but I don’t care about them, I only care about the Tigers winning games at this point…anyway they can.

Max Scherzer pitched well.  Very well.  Well enough for a standing ovation by my rules (at least 7 IP, LESS than 3 runs allowed, more than 6K) but was not pulled mid inning so the chance wasn’t there.

He also risked not getting a win by leaving the game.  Leaving a 4 run lead up to this bull pen with 6 outs to get is not a good thing.  Octavio Dotel got the first two hitters out quite easily in the 8th but then it required four pitchers to get the remaining 4 outs.  Holy hell this bull pen is struggling.

Ricky Romero has done what he as done most of the year and very much of late: pitched wildly.  He walked 9 Tigers hitters including Delmon Young with the bases loaded which made my head explode.

However, this could have been his plan all along since the Tigers stranded twelve runners and hit into two double plays and nearly a third (or if you ask Rod Allen, three).

This has been a problem for the team this year and if Miguel Cabrera does not win the MVP this year it shouldn’t be because his defense at third is below average.  It should be because he has hit into 22 double plays this year.  Helping the Tigers to the top of the league leaders in a category you REALLY don’t want to be at the top of.

But, alas, the pen did just enough to hold on and the Tigers won on the back of Scherzer’s strong outing and Austin Jackson getting on base 42 times (I may be estimating) and all the walks did lead to some runs.

The Chicago White Sox held off the Yankees to keep their 1.5 game lead in the division over the Tigers but I just know those pale hose are going to fall apart soon.  That team is really not good.  I mean Alex Rios? Seriously? I’d take Raburn over him…maybe…ok, I don’t actually know about that.

But the big test in the Toronto Series comes tonight as batting practice pitcher, Anibal Sanchez, takes the mound for the fist time in 8 days to show why Dave Dombrowski traded for him….and to try to earn a big pay day in the off season because if he keeps pitching like he has been he’ll be luck to get a one year deal worth anything more than $6MM.



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  1. velveteenrabbit81 | August 22, 2012 at 8:53 am | Reply

    I made it home just in time to see the bull pen suck. Tough to watch…

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