The Real Fab Five

The Olympics just ended and as everyone knows the girls gymnastics team won the team gold and for some nonsense reason were referred to as the Fab Five. Of course this is ludicrous. Jalen Rose agreed with me and brought it to the attention of the media. There is only one Fab Five and will only be one Fab Five and that’s the best freshman class ever that played hoops for U of M.

Congrats to the gymnastics team, but there is no way you should be called the Fab Five. It is sort of insulting to Chris, Jalen, Juwan, Jimmy, and Ray. Maybe the Flexible Five, or the Fairy Five, or even the Five Years to Young Five, but not the Fab Five. They ended up being the Fierce Five, which I find sort of dumb since I don’t understand how gymnasts are fierce. But anyway, to have a little fun, I will try to compare each member of the Fab Five with the Flexible Five. I apologize to the gymnastics team since I do not know much about them other than the maybe five minutes I saw on TV over the last couple weeks.

Chris Webber and Jordyn Wieber

Both Chris and Jordyn were the leaders of the team. Both had tremendous skills and were expected to do tremendous things. And unfortunately both ended up choking on the biggest stage of them all. That damn “accident” by Webber still makes me cry. Hopefully Jordyn Wieber doesn’t get involved with any boosters and doesn’t get banned from the Team USA gymnasium for a long period of time and has her gold medal taken down from the rafters at the gym.

Jalen Rose and Aly Raisman

Jalen and Aly were also both leaders of the team. They were the backbone and the ones you could count on the clutch. You know they would come through when you needed them to hit that winning shot or to flip over something. Jalen was a little crazy and loud. Aly’s parents were very crazy and loud. Jalen had a long, solid career in the NBA and has somehow spun that into a career as an analyst. I can see Aly having a long, great career in gymnastics until she turns 20 and has to retire due to old age.

Juwan Howard and Gabby Douglas

Solid contributors to the team but not much great was expected out of either. They were there cause they could help the team be successful and get to championships. Both got attention about their hair. People were commenting on Douglas’s hair…still don’t understand that or understand why. It is better than Howard’s hair though when he rocked the Kid N’ Play hairstyle. The one main comparison is that they are both champions. Douglas won the individual Gold medal and Howard was the only individual from the Fab Five to ever win a national championship. He was the reason why Lebron finally won.

Jimmy King and McKayla Maroney

Both important parts of the team but dont get the same notoriety asf the other teammates. Jimmy King was the high flying dunking specialist. I’m guessing Maroney is a high flying specialist too since she is a gymnast. Jimmy King later played in Canada for the Toronto Raptors. Maroney looks like she could possibly be Canadian.

Ray Jackson and Kyla Ross

I have to admit, I’m running out of comparisons. They were the last two left. I did like Ray Jackson though and enjoyed watching him play as a part of the Fab Five and for four years at Michigan.

It is obvious that Michigan’s Fab Five was superior and no one or other group of athletes should be compared to, or referred to, as the Fab Five. For those of you that try to argue that the Olympic team was better cause they won gold…well that’s a stupid argument. The Fab Five could have won a championship too if they were also playing against 15 year old girls from China, Russia, and Romania. The Fab Five is one of the greatest teams in college basketball and yes, they did change the game too.



6 Comments on "The Real Fab Five"

  1. 5 gold medals in their first try vs. 1 NBA Championship, 0 NCAA Championships, in 50-75 tries? I’d say those girls get to use the moniker now

  2. velveteenrabbit81 | August 16, 2012 at 9:46 am | Reply

    yeah, and remember when Webber left the rest of them stole Fab Four from the Beatles. Is the one NBA championship with Juwanna Man Howard and the Heat this year? That’s terrible.

  3. velveteenrabbit81 | August 16, 2012 at 7:38 pm | Reply

    oh, maybe I should actually read the post before I comment. I just have no interest in U of M articles.

  4. I find it a compliment that other teams want to be referred to as the Fab Five. Just paying respect to the best freshman class ever assembled. Don’t be jealous MSU, you guys did have Paul Davis, the best white basketball player out of Rochester MI

  5. velveteenrabbit81 | August 16, 2012 at 9:31 pm | Reply

    we had The Flintstones and they actually won something…a National Championship. Magic Johnson was pretty good too.

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