Last Night’s Action: Tigers Road Woes Continue

Sanchez took a line drive off his shin…so Tigers’ Trainer, Kevin Rand rubbed his back…

Anibal Sanchez pitched poorly, leaving many pitches right over the plate so even the lowly Minnesota Twins could hit them.  Most of the line up took after Delmon Young and Brennan Boesch and refused to work the count on a young pitcher that was having trouble locating pitches.

Samuel Deduno, a journeyman pitcher that has only started 7 games with the Twins this year looked erratic but the Tigers didn’t care.  They treated this game like beer league softball at Liberty Park: They didn’t come here to walk, they came to swing the bat dammit!

Well, that led them to have a measly two hits through 5 innings and being down 3-1.  Then the floodgates opened and Sanchez couldn’t do anything to stop the Twins from mashing.

The Tigers added a few runs later but it didn’t matter, they lost 9-3 as the bullpen once again couldn’t help out either.

Two more games in Minnesota, we’ll see if they can manage to play like they do at home but don’t hold your breath.  The team is however, still only 2 games back in the division as the White Sox lost in extra innings at Toronto after Adam Dunn hit two solo home runs including one in the ninth to tie the game and send it to extra innings.

Also, tell me that Starlin Castro bobblehead doesn’t look just like Delmon Young with out the moustache.  Because it looks nothing like Castro:

he’s swinging at the first pitch here too



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