Last Night’s Action: Tigers Demolish Indians, Kelly DFA’d, Lions Injuries Begin to Mount

Anibal Sanchez picked up his first Tigers win!

The Tigers win back to back games, Prince Fielder knocked the crap out of the ball twice, Miguel Cabrera continued to mash the ball, Austin Jackson and Quintin Berry continue to hit well at the top of the line up, Andy Dirks returned with a few hits and despite what Leyland said a few weeks ago, played in the same outfield as Berry and Jackson…phew, outta breath.

The Tigers continued their mastery of Justin Masterson, winning 10-2 and knocking the ball all over the place.  There isn’t a whole lot to say about this game as they won handily and outside of the fact that Leyland put out a line up that, many people think should be a regular line up, he had claimed he’d never use it…and the hit well.

Sanchez pitched well, as well as I would hope him to pitch the rest of the way.  Meanwhile in Texas, another deadline target, Ryan Dempster, was lit up today…you won’t find anywhere on this site where I said the Tigers shouldn’t get him, but I’m glad they didn’t.  He’s 35 years old, been on the DL twice this year so far, never pitched in the AL an has a career low ERA so far this year…it had Jared Washburn part II written all over it…and I think his time in a Rangers uniform will show that.

In other Tigers news, in order to make room for Andy Dirks, the Tigers designated Don Kelly for assignment.  Pretty much that means he’s going to Toledo because I can’t imagine ANY other team in baseball wanting him.  But, just in case someone does, he’s there for the taking…I would be pretty happy if someone else claimed him because that would mean he is not an option in any way the rest of the year.

“New rule, right here, ‘Schwartz Rule’ A coach can be called for unnecessary roughness if he attacks an opposing coach”

In Detroit Lions training camp news…Louis Delmas is still missing practices, which is not good for a questionable secondary.  Delmas continues to nurse a sore knee, stemming from off season surgery.

Don’t expect Delmas to be out too long, the team is just being very cautious with the prize of their secondary to avoid a Bob Sanders type scenario where he becomes unable to contribute in his prime.

Mikael Leshoure is still out with his strained hamstring, this I would be more concerned with if it wasn’t a simple conditioning injury.  Leshoure is suspended for the first two games anyway for a couple of off season marijuana arrests so he has a little extra time to get into shape and work off those Funions.

Jonathon Scott is nursing a sore knee as well.  He was brought in to solidify the depth of the offensive line just last week.  Jim Schwartz referred to Scott, Ryan Broyles, Titus Young, Ronnell Lewis and Don Carey as having “camp knees” according to   Basically saying its small, nagging injuries that are a result of the beginning of camp and shouldn’t be worried about.

Jahvid Best has still not been cleared for contact and full practice by the Lions medical team.  He claims he is very close, Schwartz however, feels he is still “weeks, not days away.”  This could be a cause for concern if not for…

…Kevin Smith, having the exact opposite camp of these players above.  Showing the form that helped the Lions in November when he was picked up off the waiver wire and came in and ran the best of his career.  According to reports Smith has taken the #1 role and ran with it (no pun intended).  This is good news as the Lions need a functional running back this year.



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