Update: Tigers have No Interest in Cubs’ Soriano

“But does he use twitter? Leyland won’t play anyone that is on Twitter”

Well, I hope I have to update this post shortly but today is the Trade Deadline for non-waiver deals in MLB.  The Tigers made a move for a starting pitcher and second baseman last week so the likelihood that they make another move seems remote.

However, they should.  They absolutely should.  Carlos Quentin re-signed in San Diego and I know he was a main target.  But the Tigers need a 5th hitter, have for a while and only a 2 week stretch where Boesch and Young actually produced made it seem like they could get by with out acquiring a #5 hitter.

This road trip and most of the season has shown why the Twins were willing to let Young walk away to a division rival for basically nothing.  He is not a #5 hitter and the Tigers needed that more than anything at the deadline.  They traded for Omar Infante and have him hitting 9th most games…If you were to tell me the Tigers need at the deadline would be a #9 hitter I would not expect a move to be made at all.

I know the deal with the Marlins was more about Anibal Sanchez than Infante, but if that is the case then why did Dave Dombrowski not get Carlos Lee along with him?  He is rumored to be back on the trading block and is a right handed hitter that could hit 5th.  He’s not a huge upgrade but Santiago was fine at 2nd and hitting 9th.

Hunter Pence is rumored to be on the move from Philadelphia to San Francisco…his OPS is 100 points higher than Young’s, also a right handed hitter and could be had but again, it does not appear that Dombrowski is involved in the talks.

The Pirates picked up Travis Snidor from the Blue Jays last night, after failing to get Justin Upton.  Upton appears to be unatainable for the Tigers at this point with the pieces they have but there are still outfielders left that can produce better that Young and his continuous first pitch swinging and rally killing double plays.

I’ll keep this updated if anything happens, but don’t look for it to change.

EDIT: I should have suggested this about an hour ago but Alfonso Soriano has a terrible contract, can’t run and is a notorious clubhouse cancer…but he’s right handed and has an OPS of about .910 since the middle of May…and now the rumors are that the Tigers may be looking at acquiring the 36 year old left fielder.

He is signed through next year but the Cubs have frequently been offering to pay most of his salary for the next two years in order to get better prospects, the only thing that may hold this trade up is that Soriano has a full no trade clause and is rumored to have stopped a trade to San Francisco last night.

I’ll update if anything happens shortly.

EDIT 2: Bob Nightengale of USA Today is now reporting that this Soriano non-sense is not happening, no info as to why, if the Cubs weren’t happy with the Tigers return (Delmon Young, Don Kelly, Ryan Raburn and some old Inge jerseys is my guess) or if Soriano again rejected the trade.  Either way, with the deadline fast approaching, it seems the Tigers are staying as is.



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