Last Night’s Action: Fister Pitches Well; Lions Injuries

Brennan Boesch congratulates Jhonny Peralta while Ryan Raburn realizes this is as much as he can contribute…standing and smiling near someone who can help the team win.

Doug Fister did for the Tigers on Sunday what he did in August, September and October last year for them.  He took the ball pitched very effectively and efficiently and led the Tigers to a win.

Fister held the Blue Jays to one run in 8 innings pitched and Jose Valverde got the save for the Tigers as they win just their second game of this road trip.

Jhonny Peralta hit a three run homer early and added a solo home run in the 9th for an insurance run and accounted for all 4 of the Tigers runs on Sunday.

As long as Fister can continue with the brilliant pitching and replicate what he did down the stretch last year it will take quite a bit of pressure off of Justin Verlander and as we saw in the All Star game, when Verlander has pressure, he gets too excited and he over throws and can’t locate his pitches.

Brennan Boesch had his first good game of the road trip on Saturday and Peralta did on Sunday.  If those two can hit well down the stretch that will greatly increase the Tigers chances at winning the division.  Cabrera and Fielder can’t be expected to be the entire offense, they are trying but it only gets them to about .500, the other players need to step up and get those extra wins to win the division.

Next up, the Tigers continue their road trip at Boston for a three game set.  Max Scherzer, Verlander and Porcello are the scheduled Tigers starters and Clay Bucholz, Josh Beckett and Aaron Cook are the starters for Boston, but there are rumors of Beckett being dealt by the trade deadline on Tuesday so that may change.

Expect the Tigers to win 2 of three, finish up the road trip at 4-5 and head into Comerica Park on Friday night against the Indians and really turn things back on.  This division isn’t going to win itself, so the Tigers need to play like they did around the All Star break and this team is too good not to.

I didn’t realize before that Leshoure was #25 (probably b/c he never played last year). I hope this doesn’t curse him because Raburn also wears #25.

In Lions training camp injury news, Jeff Backus broke his thumb and Mikael Leshoure strained his hamstring over the weekend.

Don’t expect Backus to miss anything other than reps in camp.  A broken thumb would not keep him out of a regular season game and he still has 6 weeks for it to heal, so expect him to be 100% for the first game but to wear a club style cast in preseason games.

For Leshoure this isn’t the best news considering Jahvid Best is unable to practice as of yet because of the concussion still and Leshoure himself, coming off the torn achilles tendon from last training camp.

There is reason to believe this is simply a day to day style strain and that it does stem from missing conditioning time.  A small, nagging injury like this will likely keep the coaching staff cautious with him and allow him to work his way into game shape as they get closer to the season.

There is no need to push him too hard right now and allow a small, nagging injury to turn into something more.  Especially for all the time they have before the season and because Leshoure is suspended for the first two games anyway for being arrested for marijuana possession…twice…in a month…jackass.

Lots of days left in Lions camp so a lot of injuries like this will occur…as long as they don’t happen to Matthew Stafford or Calvin Johnson I’m not too worried.



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