Rick Nash Traded to New York Rangers; Red Wings Miss Out on Another Target

Rick Nash, formerly of the Columbus Blue Jackets was traded today to the New York Rangers for  Forwards Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Defensive prospect Tim Erixon and a first round draft pick.

This makes the fourth Red Wings target that has slipped away.  Ryan Suter and Zach Parise signed with the Minnesota Wild, Shea Weber signed an offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers meaning he is either playing with them for the next 14 years or staying in Nashville for his entire career.

With Denis Wideman signing with the Calgary Flames and Matt Carle signing with the Tampa Bay Lightning you could count the total missed targets as six including Rick Nash.

Now, Rick Nash was willing to come to Detroit according to reports but Scott Howson, Columbus’ General Manager, was unwilling to trade Nash with in the division.

According to reports the Red Wings offered Valteri Filpula, Johan Franzen, Brendan Smith and draft picks.  What the Blue Jackets got from the Rangers is not nearly what the Red Wings offered which shows that Howson was very serious about not trading Nash to a division rival.

Filpula is the far superior player to either Dubinsky or Anisimov and Franzen is also a better scorer than Anisimov, however a different style scorer, more in the mold of Rick Nash.  Brendan Smith is also a better defensive prospect to Tim Erixon, more upside and possibly better developed at this point in their careers.

Also, with the addition of Nash, the Rangers look to go further than the Red Wings in the playoffs, making the 1st round pick less valuable.

The Red Wings have been turned down by a few marquee players this year and unable to get who they wanted via trades.  Does this mean that, for hockey, Detroit is no longer the desired destination for free agents to come to and win a Stanley Cup.

I think that parity in the NHL means that a player can stand as much of a chance at winning a cup in any one of 8-10 cities therefore, picking one that continually dominates is not on the current players mind.

With the retirement of Nick Lidstrom and Brad Stuart leaving for San Jose, the defense is depending on Smith and Kindl to play significant minutes this coming year.

Meaning that Jimmy Howard has to continue his upward trend to one of the top goalies in the league in order for the Red Wings to continue their post season run.

If the current team filled with young quesiton marks is indeed the team the Red Wings come out with this year, with over $20MM in cap room and they struggle, look for Ken Holland to be moved to a “Director” or “Consultant” role as he has done NOTHING to set this roster up for success.

If the rookies and young players can come through and the team makes yet another playoff push then Ken Holland may be able to stay on as General Manager, but look for a change next off season, as Ken Holland was able to sign veterans to compliment the roster when there was no salary cap and the Red Wings have some of the best scouting in the NHL, Holland has been unable to keep this team relevant in the new NHL.

Once again, the Red Wings have plenty of young, exciting skill players that may be able to keep the team in the playoff hunt, but with out a trade for a veteran Defenseman or big, scoring winger, this team is not a serious contender to win the Stanley Cup next season*.

*next season stated instead of 2012-13 due to pending lockout.  Stupid NHL.



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