Motor City Sports Talk: The Basics is exactly what the domain suggests: Sports talk about Detroit (plus MSU and UM).  Despite having sports talk radio stations and countless blogs and sports sections and actual writers the city is so full of fans of its teams and colleges there is more than enough room for another blog about the sports in this town.

The blog will focus on what is relevant in Detroit sports and not just tell you the news you can get anywhere, but analysis, projection and discussions from a fans perspective.  I plan to provide insight into what is happening and how it affects the teams going forward.

The goal here is to provide my own analysis and comments on the current happenings and have the readers provide their own feedback in the comments.  I’m not a tyrant, I will not delete a comment that is of a different stance than my own.  I will participate in the comments and have quality back and forth conversations about what is going on in Detroit.

I am not an expert on all topics that are related to this site, so I will get outside help to keep the conversation related to all sports teams, not just the ones I focus heavily on.

If you have some ideas you’d like to post here at contact me and we can get it posted for you, agian, I’m not a tyrant, just a sports fan that enjoys intelligent discussions on the teams I follow the most.

Thanks for coming to the site and check back often, the posts should come frequently.



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