Lions Release Aaron Berry Following Second Arrest of the Summer

The Detroit Lions released troubled Cornerback Aaron Berry this morning following another off season arrest over the weekend.

Berry was arrested earlier this summer on a drunk driving charge and vowed to change his behavior.  At the time he was the 5th Lion to be arrested in the off season and after a poor showing in the Lions first playoff game since 1999, was not in a position to win over any fans with his behavior.

Once I discovered the news, like many fans and members of the Detroit media, immediately thought that it was time for the Lions to take a major step and release the young Corner despite his status as a starter on the defense.

Berry may have been listed as the starter but in a weak secondary, he would serve as little more than a nickle back in most defensive secondaries.  Also, with the drafting of 3 Cornerbacks in the recent draft the Lions have plenty of bodies that can go out there and get torched like Berry did against the Saints in the open round of the Playoffs.

The Lions have had more than their share of bad off season publicity with Nick Fairly, Johnny Culbreth, Mikael Leshore and a previous arrest of Corey Williams coming to light.  Aaron Berry’s drunk driving arrest was not only the most recent but many thought it would be the straw that breaks the NFL’s back and would result in team related punishment for the poor off season.

To quickly follow that up with an arrest for three counts of assault and brandishing a fire arm (allegedly pointing his weapon at these three individuals) should have resulted in what happened.  Anything less than his outright release by the Lions would have resulted in the Commissioner reigning blows upon the team with fines and possibly even loss of draft picks, which in the NFL are more valuable than the players you use them on.

Despite his “starter” status, Berry was expendable and able to be made an example of.  Ndamukong Suh, no angel himself, recently made comments about the trouble in the offseason and how the Lions need to be held accountable by each other and get their act together to focus on football and winning games.

When players in your own locker room are making statements like that on a regular basis, then being arrested (guilty or not) for ANYTHING at this point was a huge mistake.  And to be arrested for pointing a gun at three men the night after upwards of 60 people were shot in a movie theater is only going to make your poor decision making even worse.

The NFL does not need to wait for a trial to find out if Berry is guilty or innocent.  He is guilty of enough, which was being arrested twice in a few weeks and at least placing himself in a situation that resulted in being arrested.

Hopefully the Lions players stay out of trouble going forward and Berry can be used for something other than a parking cone on one of the corners this coming season and that is an example of the much needed consequences that can occur for being a millionaire idiot.

Training camp for the Lions starts on this Thursday, July 26th and hopefully that keeps the players busy enough to not get arrested for a few months.




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