Detroit Tigers 2015 Season Preview

March 16, 2015


Atlanta Braves v Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers wrapped up a fourth straight AL Central division title on the last day of the season in 2014 then flamed out quickly to the Baltimore Orioles in the Divisional round of the playoffs.  They then lost their best pitcher (statistically speaking) in free agency & their most durable pitcher via trade. The […]

Drew Sharp Proves Again, He Just Doesn’t Get It

March 12, 2015


drew sharp

Drew Sharp is one of the longest tenured and most read columnists in the Detroit Free Press’ Sports Department.  He has also been a print version of what most in the digital age refer to as a “troll.” Drew Sharp has been trolling the Detroit sports landscape since before internet readership killed off print newspapers […]

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Without Suh, Lions Can Still Win

March 9, 2015


Don't piss this man off

Most Lions fans had already come to grips with the fact that Ndomukong Suh was leaving the team this year.  So, with the news coming out on Sunday that the Miami Dolphins will sign him to a $114 million contract for 6 years, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. What happens next will be news to Detroit […]

We’re Back!

March 5, 2015



After almost a year off from updating the site due to expanding families in the MCST family, we are coming back to explain why what you heard on Detroit sports radio isn’t correct, what you read from Drew Sharp is way off and help you understand that even though Ndamukong Suh is leaving and Max Scherzer […]

The Miguel Cabrera Contract is Not the Worst Contract In Baseball History

March 28, 2014


Miguel Cabrera AL MVP

After news broke late yesterday that the Tigers and Miguel Cabrera were close to an extension my first reaction was that they were doing this to prove that they weren’t being cheap with Max Scherzer.  Then it was wonder for how far after Cabrera’s 35th birthday they will have to sign him (I was hoping […]

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Hate Week On An Awful New Level

January 30, 2014


ummsu house divided

It has been a while since any of us have updated the site with fresh content.  With the Lions not in the Super Bowl, the Red Wings struggling, baseball in a dead period, the Pistons losing far too often and 14 feet of snow falling in a few weeks, the motivation has been lacking. However, […]

Why You Don’t Question Mark Dantonio

December 9, 2013


Mark Dantonio

The latest BCS Rankings came out and Michigan State is #4 in the country, the highest ranking achieved by the school since 1967.  The Spartans are also the Big Ten Champions and on their way to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1988.  Mark Dantonio has led this team through an amazing year, […]


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