Who Will Coach The Red Wings in 2015-16?

April 21, 2015



A lot has been discussed about current Head Coach, Mike Babcock and his expiring contract at the end of the Red Wings season. For what it is worth, Babcock seems to avoid the media, newspaper, internet, radio, etc. very well, so he may not realize the stir he has caused. The center of the hockey universe, […]

The Price of Price

April 7, 2015


DP opening day

The Tigers traded away a their wildly popular starting Center fielder, Austin Jackson. They added in their best pitching prospect, who filled in the rotation quite well in 2012, was their best bullpen arm in 2013 and a solid contributor to the rotation in 2014 in Drew Smyly. They also added in Willy Adames, who […]

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Never Stop Improving The Bullpen

April 6, 2015


Benoit Padres

The Tigers have many bullpen questions. Joe Nathan can’t pitch his way out of a paper bag and would have been left off of the Opening Day roster if Bruce Rondon was able to pitch on back to back days instead of developing shoulder soreness that landed him on the DL instead. Joakim Soria had […]

MotorCitySportsTalk 2015 NFL Mock Draft!

March 31, 2015


draft image

Mock Drafts are a silly waste of time. So, of course we did one! What else is sports besides a silly waste of time!?!??! I did not mock any trades because that makes things insane and even less accurate, so this is based on the draft order as of March 31, 2015. Just one month […]

Detroit Tigers 2015 Season Preview

March 16, 2015


Atlanta Braves v Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers wrapped up a fourth straight AL Central division title on the last day of the season in 2014 then flamed out quickly to the Baltimore Orioles in the Divisional round of the playoffs.  They then lost their best pitcher (statistically speaking) in free agency & their most durable pitcher via trade. The […]

Drew Sharp Proves Again, He Just Doesn’t Get It

March 12, 2015


drew sharp

Drew Sharp is one of the longest tenured and most read columnists in the Detroit Free Press’ Sports Department.  He has also been a print version of what most in the digital age refer to as a “troll.” Drew Sharp has been trolling the Detroit sports landscape since before internet readership killed off print newspapers […]

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Without Suh, Lions Can Still Win

March 9, 2015


Don't piss this man off

Most Lions fans had already come to grips with the fact that Ndomukong Suh was leaving the team this year.  So, with the news coming out on Sunday that the Miami Dolphins will sign him to a $114 million contract for 6 years, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. What happens next will be news to Detroit […]


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